Benchmarking Secures Additional Funding

Learn how comparative data evidenced efficient work at Livewell Southwest and secured additional funding to meet increases in patient demand. 

Livewell Southwest (formally known as Plymouth Community Healthcare) is a social enterprise that provides community and inpatient based physical, mental and children’s and families’ healthcare and adult social care as an integrated care organisation.

The District Nursing team continuously experience increases in demand due to the development of innovative community based treatments and the constant drive to enable earlier discharges from an inpatient setting. These additional demands were not being met by increases in available resources and there was a need to ensure that the service was operating as effectively as possible.

The District Nursing service was an early adopter of Livewell Southwest’s activity based reporting systems and used this in combination with a number of other initiatives such as the productive community services series to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the service.

The national annual benchmarking exercise allowed Livewell to demonstrate that its District Nursing service was operating above the national average in the majority of indicators, thus enabling an objective review of its relative efficiency.
— Dan O’Toole - Director of Finance/ Deputy Chief Executive, Livewell Southwest

NHS Benchmarking Network project support

The annual Community Services benchmarking exercise allowed Livewell Southwest to demonstrate that the district nurse service was operating above the national average on the majority of indicators, providing an objective review of its relative efficiency.

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