Benchmarking identifies new funding opportunities

Statistics: Of these costs 28% relate to the mother

Learn how a national audit of the provision of Perinatal services in England provided evidence for options to utilise additional funding announced by NHS England.

The aim of benchmarking Perinatal Mental Health (PMH) services in 2015 was to provide NHS England (NHSE) with an up-to-date stocktake of provision in England to assess the current availability of NICE-concordant PMH services and identify gaps. This was then used as evidence for options to utilise the additional funding announced by NHSE for perinatal mental health services.

NHS Benchmarking Network Project Support

In order to develop an investment strategy for perinatal mental health care, NHS England / NCCMH commissioned the NHS Benchmarking Network to undertake a stocktake of the provision of perinatal services provided by the specialist mental health trusts in England. This was carried out in June 2015 and reported on 2014/15 outturn positions.

The results were reported to the Perinatal Expert ReferenceGroup in July 2015 and the resultant analysis was used to recommend the following:-

  • There should be an expansion of mother and baby unit capacity and a particular focus in three areas of the country where access for women is especially limited,
  • Perinatal mental health networks should be established across the country, and
  • There should be investment in specialist community perinatal mental health service provision. 

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