CAPA improves clinical efficiencies and patient access

Scottish Area Map

Learn how NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde Health Board used the Choice and Partnership Approach to improve access and waiting times for their CAMHS service by 86 weeks in just 26 months.

Specialist Children’s Services care for a range of 0-18 year old children and young people throughout NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde

The challenge facing many Mental Health services is delivering quality services with limited resources. Services can often be overwhelmed by demand and seemingly not have the capacity to manage the growing workloads effectively. Not only does this result in staff dissatisfaction, but the question must be asked: “Are service user’s needs being met in the best way possible?”

With the implementation of EMISWeb into NHSGGC CAMH Services improving the opportunity to analyse data, CAPA assumption and benchmarked performance data can now be considered to determine what is working well with the CAMHS service model and where improvements can be made. 

NHS Benchmarking Network Project Support

The NHS Benchmarking Network has helped us consider the relevant data sets, monitoring and assessing efficiency and access to service performance throughout NHSGGC CAMHS. We are able to compare our CAMHS team’s performance to identify areas of best practice. We have initially locally benchmarked our data sets to some data sets available in other Scottish Health Boards, and this has given us a good comparison of our performance. This has now been enhanced with UK data sets as part of the NHS Benchmarking Network, which gives us an excellent national picture of benchmarked NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde performance data.

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