Integrated Mental Healthcare Pathway

Learn how North East London Foundation Trust implemented their Integrated Mental Health Pathway initiative to embed the principles of recovery into mental health services.


In 2008, NELFT embarked on the redesign of Trust-wide mental health acute and community services for working age and older people. This involved the progressive introduction of a model of integrated mental health care pathway working to the four London boroughs served by the Trust, adapted to the needs and resources in each area. At the core of this new model has been a focus on the provision of acute home treatment as an alternative to acute inpatient admission and the mental health integrated pathway.

The philosophy of the model is based on a simple premise: what can we do today to make a difference tomorrow? This philosophy is underpinned by a close working relationship between the Home Treatment teams (HTT) and the Inpatient wards.

You can read the full case study, including a visual representation of the Pathway, on the members’ area, under the Mental Health project outputs.