World Class Theatres

World Class Theatres at Wrightington, Wigan and Leigh NHS Trust is defined by improving the safe, effective care we provide to our patients.

In line with recommendation outlined in the Francis Report it promotes accountability, ownership and enables staff to improve the processes in which they work. The benefits to both patient and staff in Year 1 are very transparent and include; £207k CIP, 67% reduction in DNA’s, 22% reduction in charter cancellations, 5.2% increase in elective activity, huge improvements in staff survey and satisfaction.

This is fantastic, it will definitely be a great tool in driving improvement within our organisation.
— Toolkit feedback, February 2014

Bringing all staff groups together, who are involved in the patient journey, in an open transparent forum, has been a key enabler to these achievements. Benchmarking ourselves against peers has enabled us to identify areas where we can improve and those Trusts that are leading the way in those areas. This helps identify best practice and where we can learn and share with our NHS colleagues across the country. WWL NHS FT has hosted a number of site visits from other Trusts to share our best practice, which has been reciprocated. We have taken some of this learning into our ways of working.

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