Secure online comparisons

Review your position on the latest benchmarked comparisons on a range of key indicators where national data sources are currently limited.

Networking with peers

Join a professional network and knowledge exchange forum to drive organisational learning.

Shared learning and good practice

Share successful practice and service development through case studies and learn from others to identify tangible service improvements opportunities.

On-demand data expertise and support

Our professional team of experts are on hand to help with data validation and to support management time and resource.

Extensive work programme

Participate in an extensive range of projects to support planning and monitoring of service performance.

Summary and bespoke reporting

Easy extraction of summarised analytics, “at a glance” graphics and detailed bespoke reports that allow local reporting, briefing and presenting.

Knowledge Exchange Network

Gain specialist knowledge from resources and contacts with over 8000 healthcare professionals.

Customised projects

Utilise our highly experienced multi-disciplinary team to deliver bespoke improvement projects upon request.


Subscription fees for 2018/19 are:
NHS Statutory Organisation, Local Authority or Charity: £3,800 (+VAT)
Private Sector and National Bodies: £10,000
Subscriptions are renewed annually on 1st April.

 2017/18 Annual Work Programme report

2017/18 Annual Work Programme report

For further information, please download our annual work programme report and / or marketing brochures below.

 Commissioner Brochure

Commissioner Brochure

 Provider Brochure

Provider Brochure