2017/18 work programme announced

The 2017/18 work programme has now been developed, and we are pleased to confirm the continuation of a number of projects and the introduction of some new.

For the Acute sector, we are delighted to re-introduce Acute Therapies back into the work programme, the Older People's Care in Acute Settings project will focus on DTOC and we will deferring the Theatres project in 2017/18 to make way for a new project on Outpatient services. 

There will be a new commissioner product made available sourcing national data on the function of CCGs and a rebuild of the Total System Benchmarker product including STP analysis. The Network will also be looking to add some additional pediatric metrics within each of the core projects and scoping a new project around Primary Care services.

The full list of 2017/18 projects are detailed below, the data collection timetable will be published later this month and registration will open in March.

Commissioning Sector

URGENT CARE - Test the effectiveness of your health system in managing demand for urgent care.

PHARMACY & MEDICINES OPTIMISATION (Commissioner) - Compare your skill and discipline mix of your medicines optimisation team.

PLANNED CARE - Gain a holistic view of elective care commissioning and delivery.

CCG FUNCTIONS - This project will examine organisational structures and processes to support CCGs in developing their services and managing their resources.

TOTAL SYSTEM BENCHMARKER - Compare the balance of expenditure across all sectors of the healthcare system with additional analysis at STP level.

For more information on any of the commissioner projects, please contact Jessica.Walsh1@nhs.net or call 0161 266 2313.

Acute Sector

EMERGENCY CARE (Type 1&2 and type 3 services) - Analyse key metrics such as; senior cover in A&E, optimising patient flow, skill-mix and mortality.

RADIOLOGY - Take part in the most comprehensive analysis of Radiology services available anywhere in the NHS.

NEW PROJECT - DTOC SERVICES FOR OLDER PEOPLEIN ACUTE SETTINGS - A deep dive into Delayed Transfers of Care within the older poeple setting.

NEW PROJECT - OUTPATIENTS - A new project currently being scoped to look at outpatient services within the acute sector.

For more information on any of the acute projects, please contact Tom.Davies6@nhs.net or call 0161 266 1335.

Mental Health Sector

CHILD AND ADOLESCENT MENTAL HEALTH SERVICES - Access comparable data on both tiers 1-3 and tier 4 provision of services.

MENTAL HEALTH INPATIENT AND COMMUNITY SERVICES - Obtain comprehensive benchmarking data on specialist inpatient and community mental health services for adults and older adults.

For more information on any of the commissioner projects, please contact Aneesa.Halim@nhs.net or call 0161 266 2132.

Community Sector

COMMUNITY SERVICES - Covering 26 different community services including Integrated Community Teams, access comparable evidence on key metrics.

COMMUNITY HOSPITALS - Test the effectiveness of community hospitals in making a contribution to managing system demand.

MONTHLY COMMUNITY INDICATOR REPORTING - 51 metrics collected monthly covering patient safety and quality, productivity, workforce, data quality and finance.

For more information on any of the community projects, please contact Lucy.Trubacik@nhs.net or call 0161 266 1333.

All Providers

PHARMACY & MEDICINES OPTIMISATION (Provider) - Analyse key metrics such as activity, workforce, availability, medicines, clinical pharmacy and a range of other areas.

CORPORATE FUNCTIONS - Test your organisations performance and value across a range of corporate functions and shared services.

For more information on these projects, please contact Chris.McAuley@nhs.net or call 0161 266 1698.

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