2017 NAIC Northern Ireland Project Findings event review

The third and final National Audit of Intermediate Care conference for 2017 was held in Northern Ireland, where participants had the opportunity to hear NAIC Northern Ireland Project Findings and good practice from two Health and Social Care Trusts.


Shane Breen, AHP Consultant for Northern Ireland Public Health Agency, opened the conference with background to the country’s participation in the audit. This is the first year the NAIC has been applied to Northern Ireland’s integrated HSC system, which provided the opportunity to take a more systematic approach to the analysis of data from services and comparison with other countries intermediate care. 62 services were audited, with 5 Local Commissioning Groups (LCGs) and 5 Health & Social Care Trusts (HSCTs) participating, laying the foundations for future audits.

The data findings then followed, with LCGs organisational level data presented by Debbie Hibbert, NHSBN Programme Manager, and HSCT organisational level data presented by Jessica Grantham, NHSBN Project Manager. Participation in this audit has enabled LCGs and HSCTs to see the gaps in provision and an opportunity for further strategic development in their intermediate care services.  

The service user audit was then presented by Lucy Trubacik, NHSBN Assistant Project Manager, which received a good response rate for both the questionnaire and Patient Reported Experience Measure (PREM). The PREM also offered opportunity for extended responses in the open narrative questions. Findings demonstrated that Northern Ireland service users tended to be more positive about their care than those in the England sample.

Following the findings from the audit, we heard from two good practice case studies, Northern and Southern HSCT, focusing on bed based and home based intermediate care respectively. Key themes from both case studies included joint goal setting, family involvement, a multi-disciplinary approach and shared documentation between services. These were also elements highlighted as positive areas within the NAIC report data. If you have good practice that you want to share, or innovative working that has improved efficiencies in your Trust, please contact Emma Pruce

Mary Hinds, Director of Nursing, Midwifery & Allied Health Professions for the Public Health Agency closed the findings event, thanking all participants for their time in completing the audit. You can access all figures in the Summary Report sent to your Health Board NAIC Project Lead, or on the members’ area toolkit. If you have any project queries, please contact Lucy Trubacik or Jessica Grantham.

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