2018 Planned Care project - Results published

We are pleased to share that the publication of the 2018 Planned Care project report and toolkit, presenting the results of this year’s benchmarking project, is now available on the members’ area.

The project covers data on commissioning arrangements and hospital inpatient and outpatient metrics, analysed by Treatment Function Code (TFC). The project outputs supplement the data already available to commissioners within this area.

The NHS England’s Monthly Hospital Activity data shows that after the tapering off of growth seen in 2017, activity levels for GP referrals, first outpatient attendances and elective admissions have all increased for year-to-date November 2018 compared to year-to-date November 2017. First outpatient appointments have experienced the highest rate of growth at 2.1%, followed by elective admissions at 1.3% and GP referrals at 0.6% (figures adjusted for working days). (NHS England, Monthly Hospital Activity).

Available to participating members are:

  • A summary report providing an overview of the national position

  • An online analytics tool which allows organisations to view their benchmarked positions on key indicators

  • A bespoke report which outlines the key metrics from the project, showing individual CCG/UHB positions on each chart

Participants can view their local positions on all the metrics and many others via the members’ area of the Network website.

The 2018 project is now complete. If you have any questions about this report or the project, please contact Joylin Brockett, Project Coordinator. The NHS Benchmarking Network would like to thank the CCGs and UHBs who assisted in scoping and participating in the Planned Care benchmarking project.

Members are advised that the Network will not be running the Planned Care project in the 2019/20 project cycle. We are currently working towards bringing you a new project: Integrated Care System benchmarker, in which we encourage members to be involved.

This project will support strategic leaders by providing evidence to support the NHS Long Term Plan triple aim. Using unique whole system insight and drawing on data from on sectors of NHS provision, this new product will provide you with information to support the development of your STP/ICS.  We have set up a virtual reference group to assist with the scoping of the project. The first teleconference meeting will be held on 23rd April. Please contact Sue Ikin, Programme Manager, for further details.