2018 Urgent Care Project – Results published

Urgent_Care_Infographic 2018 report.png

The Network welcomes the publication of the 2018 Urgent Care project reports and toolkit, presenting the results of this year’s benchmarking project.

The Urgent Care project focuses on the commissioner perspective of the Urgent and Emergency Care system and reviews the provision of accident and emergency services as well as alternative community based services such as walk-in centres, urgent care centres, community services and primary care out of hours services.

Emergency and Urgent care is a complex care pathway that is experiencing consistent, increasing demand. The NHS Five Year Forward and Next Steps for the Five Year Forward detail the need to update the NHS Urgent and Emergency Care system in response to this increased demand and put forward a number of key deliverables in order to achieve this. A key theme within these deliverables, which is also detailed in NHS Urgent and Emergency Care review, ‘Transforming urgent and emergency care services in England’, is the provision of out of hospital urgent care.

42 organisations participated in the Network’s Urgent Care 2018 project, providing 45 data submissions.

The findings from the 2018 Urgent Care project evidence the variation in the urgent care commissioning and provision. Increasing pressure on the system is illustrated by worsening performance metrics. These results, however, should be viewed in the context of the increasing demand and the financial and workforce pressures being experienced in the NHS.

In addition to the Urgent Care 2018 summary report, the online toolkit and infographics, the Network has published bespoke reports, available to all project participants and can be accessed by emailing jessica.walsh1@nhs.net.

The Urgent Care project covers a wide range of metrics and allows organisations to view their urgent care offer in comparison to other local health systems nationally. There is, however, scope to further expand the Urgent Care project to cover additional aspects of the Emergency and Urgent Care system. If you would be interested in providing input to the development of the Urgent Care project, please email sue.ikin@nhs.net. If you would like to request access to the members’ area, or find out more about Network membership, please contact enquiries@nhsbenchmarking.nhs.uk.