A new way to view, understand & handle complaints & communication

On the 29th March 2016, Healthcare professionals and Managers responsible for workforce development and training, are being given the complimentary opportunity to experience a new approach to complaints training lead by C&C Empathy Training Ltd with their award winning LEED Communications Programme®.

The NHS Benchmarking Network, who facilitate a project on supporting trusts to evaluate and manage their complaints process have been invited to exhibit on the day and speak to delegated about how their organisations can participate.

C & C Empathy Training has been created by Carolyn Cleveland, trained in counselling and an established public speaker on emotions and Vanessa Carter a former nurse and teacher of psychology.

The two women have combined their personal experiences, Carolyn as a service user of the NHS complaints system and bereaved mother, and Vanessa as an ITU nurse managing many difficult and emotive conversations within frontline practice, to devise the LEED Communications Programme ® (Learning, Empathy & Emotional Development). 

The aim of LEED is to improve the empathy skills and emotional development of nurses, doctors, complaints managers and all other healthcare professionals that have direct contact with patients and families and to empower them to gain a deeper understanding of emotions and role empathy plays in communicating with care and minimizing conflict.

Says Carolyn and Vanessa “Having empathy evoked and analysed with real life narratives embedded in the science of empathy, supports staff protect the psychological well-being of the patient/ family/staff and themselves and minimizes conflict from escalating.”

On the 29th March, joined by guest speakers:

  • Valarie Harrison, Former CEO of POhWER Advocacy and Lay Member of Barnet CCG
  • Dr Telal Mudawi, Consultant Interventional Cardiologist and Health Ombudsman, Manchester Office.

Carolyn and Vanessa will be demonstrating some of their training modules to give people the opportunity to not only meet them but see their new thought provoking approach to training and understanding the role empathy has in complaints and communication to improve patient and Trust outcomes.

To book on the event or for more information please contact Carolyn on 07541798949 or carolyn@cc-et.co.uk.                                                           

C&C Empathy Training Ltd Winners of the Open University New Business award 

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