Access comprehensive intelligence on your Community healthcare provision

Data collection for the 2019 Community Hospitals and Community Services projects are open.

The Community Hospitals project focuses on inpatient care for older people in community hospital settings and covers service models, access, activity, workforce, finance and quality. The project also features a service user audit.

The Community Services project provides the most comprehensive dataset available in the NHS and benchmarks 25 different Community Services. The project focuses on services targeted at children, older people and those who have long-term conditions and covers all aspects of community service provision.

The Community Indicators project collects 35 metrics every month covering patient safety and quality, productivity, workforce, and finance. Outputs include a monthly benchmarking toolkit, PDF report with your organisation’s position highlighted across the 36 metrics, a high impact dashboard and data extract.

Given that the NHS Long Term Plan indicated that investment in primary medical and community services will grow faster than the overall NHS budget, and allocates a ringfenced fund of £4.5 billion for this health care sector, it is more important than ever that community services have some visibility on the scope and breadth of their offer. In order to raise the profile of community services, the community sector benchmarking projects this year (Community Services and Community Hospitals), will include additional information in the data specifications to enable the Network to capture key information at a population-based level for a new whole system STP/ICS benchmarking product. Several metrics will also be requested at CCG level.

Outputs for Community Hospitals and Community Services include a bespoke report for participants comprising dashboards in an easy-to-use summarised format and an online toolkit highlighting your organisation’s benchmarked position. As very little national data is available in these areas, we would encourage you to participate in the projects. .

Data collection for Community Hospitals will run from 1st May  - 12th July and for Community Services, 7th May until 2nd August 2019. To register and input data for the project, members can log in to the members' area, here you will also be able to view outputs from previous years’ projects.

For further information, or assistance with registration, please contact:

Community Hospitals - Josh Davies

Community Services/ Indicators - Joylin Brockett.