Community Indicators (Monthly collection)

New cycle launches this month - It’s time to get involved

36 metrics are collected monthly covering four domains; patient safety and quality, productivity, workforce, and finance.  Outputs include a desktop benchmarking toolkit, bespoke pdf report, a high impact dashboard and data extract. Latest highlights available here.

Participants receive:

  • Timely reports (on average, five working days from submission to feedback).

  • Outputs to inform the Executive Board on performance.

  • Benchmarks that can be filtered down to service level.

  • Results to use within internal performance management systems.

In addition, outputs are not anonymised and all codes are shared (under a data sharing agreement) to allow shared learning and networking.

Here’s what our participants think…

Hertfordshire Community NHS Trust and Kent Community Health NHS Foundation Trust are two of our regular participants in the monthly community indicators project. They use the outputs to inform areas of development, and to improve their own performance and implement best practice.

Both Trusts…

  • Include the benchmarked results against their key indicators within board performance reports.

  • Use the results for Trust quality reports.

  • Share the High Impact Dashboard with the Executive team monthly to flag up any issues which might need addressing.

  • Provide evidence to support business plans and cases.

  • Apply the data in tenders and bids to show how they measure up against likely competitors.

How to register 
The next data submission deadline is the 30th May, with reporting on the 6th June.
To take part in the monthly data collection please contact Joylin Brockett or call 0161 266 2214.

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