Corporate Functions Benchmarking 2016 – Findings published

The Corporate Functions benchmarking project is one the Network’s longest running and most successful projects. The project has always been relevant due to a lack of structured corporate functions evidence being available from other sources in the NHS, however, the financial pressures facing the NHS and the scrutiny following on from the Lord Carter review have added further incentive for NHS bodies to have a clear approach to reviewing their corporate functions services.

New for 2016/17

  • ‘Gross costs’ are now collected for the main categories, which include the cost of work done for other bodies, ‘Income’ relating to the income from other bodies and ‘Net costs’ which therefore cover the cost of the service provided for the organisation.
  • The project considers the use of shared service arrangements.
  • There is a greater focus on cost savings, A ’Cost-Savings Compendium” has been published for members.

Over 100 service providers participated in the project this year.  All NHS provider organisations were invited to participate in the project and those who participated reflect a wide range of organisation types including acute, mental health and community trusts across England and Welsh Health Boards.  Participants can view their position on over 200 benchmarked metrics via an online tool accessible through the Network website members’ area. In addition to the toolkit, members can access a summary report online and new for this year, participants have received a bespoke report for their organisation.

Highlights from the 2015/16 audit

  • The average cost of the payroll service per payslip was £4.93.
  • The average cost per internal audit day was £418.
  • The average processing cost per invoice was £3.74.
  • On average 81% of invoices were paid within 30 days.
  • On average of 37% of HR staff are professionally qualified.
  • The average helpdesk percentage “FTF rate” (calls resolved first time while the user is on the phone) is 64%.
  • 41% of participants’ new medical records are fully available in electronic as well as paper format.
  • The average fee for parking per hour is £1.00.
  • Participants collected an average of 90% of income from private work.

The Network’s Steering Group has confirmed that the Corporate Functions project will feature in the Network’s 2017/18 work programme. This project will collect 2016/17 data.

The NHS Benchmarking Network is also running a parallel project specifically aimed at CCGs. The CCG Functions project seeks to examine the use of CSUs, integration between CCGs (e.g. shared management structures) and relationships with social care, as well as more traditional metrics such as staff turnover. The project will use existing nationally available data, such as CCG accounts data, along with a short supplementary questionnaire to provide CCG management teams with detailed bespoke reports.

For more information on this work please contact:

Chris McAuley
Project Co-ordinator
0161 266 1698

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