Data collection for NACEL 2018 is now open

Data collection is now open for NACEL 2018 and will run until 12th October 2018. Registered participants can access the data collection pages via the members’ area. Data collection is open for the organisational level collection, case note audit, and NACEL quality survey (previously the Carer Reported Measure). All supporting documentation for the audit can be located under the Audit Guidance page of the NACEL webpage.

Data collection for the organisational level audit includes:

  • Online data collection
  • Organisation overview questions
  • Specific acute or community questions
  • Specific mental health questions

Data collection for the case note audit includes:

  • Online data collection
  • Acute hospitals will be auditing deaths between 1st – 30th April 2018, and community hospitals will complete their audit on deaths between 1st April – 30th June 2018
  • Mental health providers are not required to complete the Case note review element of the NACEL

Please consult the Audit Guidance on the NACEL webpage for further information on exclusion criteria and definitions of death for the audit or contact the NACEL Support Team on 0161 266 2214 for further information.

The NACEL quality survey will be received via post and completed online. Instructions for Trusts / UHBs to administrate this are included in the Audit Guidance.

Participating organisations will receive:

  • Access to a benchmarking toolkit, allowing you to benchmark your service across hundreds of metrics
  • A bespoke dashboard report outlining key messages and metrics, which compares your local position against nationally reported positions
  • A summary report outlining key messages and metrics

NACEL is on NHS England’s Quality Accounts list for 2018/19. For further information about the statutory function of this list please refer to HQIP’s Guidance on Quality Accounts.

You can find out more about NACEL via the project card and also explore the resources online via the NACEL webpage.

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