Data collection for NACEL 2019 is now open


Data collection is now open for NACEL 2019 and will run until 11th October 2019. Registered participants can access the data collection pages via the members’ area. Data collection is open for the Organisational Level Collection, Case Note Audit, and NACEL Quality Survey. All supporting documentation for the audit can be located under the Audit Guidance page of the NACEL webpage.

Data collection for the Organisational Level Audit includes:

  • Online data collection

  • Organisation overview questions

  • Focus on Specialist Palliative Care Workforce and End of Life Care training

Data collection for the Case Note Audit includes:

  • Online data collection

  • Acute hospitals will be auditing 20 deaths from the first two weeks in April and 20 deaths from the first two weeks in May

  • Community hospitals will complete their audit on 40 deaths from the whole of April and May

Please consult the Audit Guidance on the NACEL webpage for further information on exclusion criteria and definitions of death for the audit.

The NACEL Quality Survey will collect feedback from those close to the dying patient. Carers will be notified of the Quality Survey via post and asked to complete the survey online. Instructions for Trusts / UHBs to administrate this are included in the Audit Guidance.

NACEL 2019 is free

There is no cost for participating organisations in England, Wales and Northern Ireland to participate in the audit. You can find out more about the scope and timescales of the audit, along with key resources and documents via the NACEL resources webpage.

Who can participate?

The data collection is for providers of care only, focusing on the quality and outcomes of care experienced by those in their last admission prior to death in acute and community hospitals throughout England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

NACEL is on NHS England’s Quality Accounts list for 2019/20. For further information about the statutory function of this list please refer to HQIP’s Guidance on Quality Accounts.

You can find out more and also explore the resources online via the NACEL webpage.

Contact details

If you would like further information, please email or call Project Coordinator, Joylin Brockett on 0161 266 2214.