Data collection reminder for NAIC 2017

Do you provide intermediate care services, usually for older people, after leaving hospital or when they are at risk of being sent into hospital?

Over 600 intermediate care services and over 130 commissioning organisations are registered to take part in NAIC 2017 with coverage across England, Wales and Northern Ireland. There is still time for both providers and commissioners to register to take part. Please contact Lucy Trubacik for more information and to get you set up to collect data.

NAIC 2017 is free

There is no cost for providers and commissioners in England, Wales and Northern Ireland to participate in the audit. A copy of the NAIC 2017 audit proposal is available to download.

Intermediate care services are key to reducing the financial, quality and activity pressures being experienced in secondary care and the care service sector. The audit will enable you to address whether your service is working efficiently and is cost effective, whether you have enough capacity to make a difference and learn how to make the case for investment. The NAIC is included on the HQIP Quality Accounts list for 2017/18, so all providers of intermeiate care services should be taking part in the audit.

You will recieve:

  • Access to an online benchmarking toolkit.
  • A bespoke dashboard report outlining your services performance against peers.
  • Attendance at the NAIC national conference on Wednesday 15th November 2017.

Find out more?

Download: NAIC 2015 Summary Report or NAIC 2017 brochure
Email: Lucy Trubacik.
Call: 0161 266 1333.