NACEL - further developments


We are delighted to share that the registration for NACEL is complete and are anticipating a small number of outstanding Trusts to register in the coming weeks for the audit.

There have been rapid developments within the NACEL, which are outlined below. You will also be able to keep up to date with all NACEL updates via the NACEL webpage, which has expanded to include the NACEL Audit Guidance.

Following a Steering Group meeting in April, we can announce that the Organisational level audit and Case note review have been signed off. These documents can be located on the NACEL Audit Guidance section of the webpage.

The eligibility criteria for the case note review has been modified, so we encourage all registered Project Leads to consult the Audit Guidance for up to date details. In addition, the Steering Group has agreed upon a revised definition of death for NACEL, as follows:

  • It was recognised that the patient may die: it has been recognised by the hospital staff that the patient may die imminently (i.e. within hours or days).
  • The patient was not expected to die: imminent death was not recognised or expected by the hospital staff. However, the patient may have had a life-limiting condition or, for example, be frail, so that whilst death wasn’t recognised as being imminent, hospital staff were ‘not surprised’ that the patient had died.

Deaths which are classed as “sudden deaths” should be excluded. The case note review should exclude the following categories of death:

  • Deaths in Accident & Emergency departments
  • Deaths within 4 hours of admission to hospital
  • Deaths due to a life threatening acute condition caused by a sudden catastrophic event, with a full escalation of treatment plan in place.

In addition, a decision has been made for the Carer reported measure to be known as the NACEL quality survey from this point forward. The NACEL quality survey element will be signed off at the May NACEL Steering Group meeting. This part of the audit captures the ‘nominated person’s’ thoughts and experiences on the care provided in the last admission prior to death.

The NACEL Guidance Notes that are located on the NACEL webpage take you on a step-by-step process to completing the registration for the NACEL with a handy explanation for each section. The NACEL webpages will be updated regularly and any NACEL news will be shared on the News page, via #NACELUK on social media, and via the dedicated webpage.   

If you have any queries regarding the NACEL, please contact the support team on 0161 266 2214.