Four projects currently open for data collection, there is still time to get involved

Planned Care

The Planned Care project is open to all NHS commissioners and aims to provide a strategic overview of the level of investment and activity in planned care, and approaches to demand management.

One of the nine 'must dos' outlined in the NHS Shared Planning Guidance for 2016/17 is to improve performance against the NHS Constitution standards which state that no more than 92% of patients on non-emergency pathways wait no more than 18 weeks from referral to treatment, including offering patient choice. The NHS Benchmarking Network's new project on Planned Care will allow commissioners to benchmark their performance against this RTT guidance with other organisations in the context of other relevant spend, activity and performance metrics.


The Theatres project provides the most comprehensive intelligence available on NHS Operating Theatres delivery and performance, allowing comparisons to be made on all aspects of Theatres provision.

The Theatres project includes analysis of; equipment & capital, stock control & costing, decontamination, list management, start and finish times, turnaround times, IM&T, activity, productivity, cancelled operations, outsourcing, finance, workforce and quality.

Older People's Care in Acute Settings

In partnership with the British Geriatrics Society, the Older People’s Care in Acute Settingsproject looks at the pathways for older people through secondary care. Learn how effective your services for Older People are on the four elements of the acute pathway; dedicated support in A&E, assessment units, inpatient care, through to supported discharge.

Learning Disabilities

The project explores the provision of Learning Disability services both in-patient and in the community, for?? adults and for children, and will look at a range of metrics including; service models, access and activity, workforce, finance, quality, effectiveness and safety, as well as patient outcomes.Learning Disabilities has a complex commissioning framework and provider arrangements, and the Learning Disabilities project aims to aid the understanding of current provision, performance and good practice and provide evidence to support delivery.

One of the nine ‘must dos’ as outlined in the NHS planning guidance for 2016/17 is for all organisations to deliver actions set out in local plans to transform care for people with learning disabilities, including implementing enhanced community provision, reducing inpatient capacity, and rolling out care and treatment reviews in line with published policy.

Data collection details

Data collection for all four projects is open until 11th November 2016. Log in to the members' area to register for a project and submit your local data. New for this year: The project outputs will include bespoke reporting suitable for your boards.

There is no additional cost to participate in this project if your organisation is already a member of the NHS Benchmarking Network. To register and begin inputting your data, please login to the members' area. For any further information, please contact Lindsey Ashley, or call 0161 266 1997, who will be happy to help.

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