Is Wessex Frailty Fit?

Cheryl Davies has worked for the NHS for over 19 years. Her background is in statistics and has worked in information analysis both nationally and at a local commissioner level. She tweets @CherylDavies22 Lucy Trubacik is a Project Manager with the NHS Benchmarking Network, the in-house benchmarking service of the NHS, and facilitates their annual benchmarking projects. She tweets @nhsbenchmarking@Lucy_NHSBN

Do you know how many people in your hospital are living with frailty? Do you know where these patients are in your hospital? Why does it matter?

Understanding how our local health systems can support patients living with frailty will be fundamental in delivering the Long Term Plan, but the question remains: what does frailty look like in Wessex (the fastest growing population of over 65s in the UK)? Do we really know how many patients are living with frailty in our hospitals within the region?

By understanding the incidence of frailty in our hospitals, we can reduce the unintended variation in care and focus resources where they are needed, therefore increasing the quality of care across the region.

In 2018, the Healthy Ageing Programme at the Wessex Academic Health Science Network (AHSN) and the NHS Benchmarking Network (NHSBN) collaborated on a piece of work, pulling together two separate data collections....

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