Managing Frailty in the Acute Settings – Wessex Frailty Audit workshop

The NHSBN team are collaborating with Wessex AHSN to provide a regional cut of the Managing Frailty in the Acute Settings 2018/19 project. The workshop will look to assist the AHSN with providing a stocktake of how frailty is managed across the acute sector through benchmarked comparisons.

Date: Tuesday 26th February

Location: Science Park Conference Centre, Southampton

Time: 09:30-15:00

What to expect

DToC infographic.PNG

Delegates will hear the findings from the Managing Frailty in the Acute Setting project, as well as the Wessex Frailty Audit findings. Throughout the day, facilitated group work sessions will explore what the findings mean for Trusts on an individual basis as well as a cohort within the Wessex constituency.

In sharing the findings from both NHSBN and Wessex AHSN datasets, the workshop will enable comprehensive service improvement plans to be developed in conjunction with cohort acute trusts.

This will also be a fantastic opportunity to continue dialogue and networking between the acute trust cohort, as well as sharing good practice.

Invited attendees

Geriatricians, Frailty Specialists, Trust Senior Management Teams, Transformation Teams and Older People MDT’s from Acute Trusts in the Wessex AHSN are all welcome. Registration will predominantly be by invitation.

We look forward to meeting the Wessex Trusts at this workshop and are excited for the developments to come in the Managing Frailty project. If you have any queries, please contact