NACEL data collection closing soon

Data collection for the National Audit of Care at the End of Life audit is in its’ final week. Our Support Team are encouraged by the activity from all Providers and are looking forward to starting the next phase of the project, where we will be validating the data provided.

There is just one week remaining for data collection, with the deadline closing on Friday 12th October. As set out at the beginning of data collection, there are no extensions available for the NACEL audit. You can keep up to date with the NACEL on Twitter using #NACELUK.

Following the data collection deadline, we will be circulating a survey to all participants of the NACEL audit on Monday 15th October, asking for feedback on all audit components. The feedback will be integral to developing the NACEL for future iterations, so all responses to this survey are greatly appreciated.

If you have specific audit queries, please email or call Project Coordinator, Joylin Brockett on 0161 266 2214.