NACEL Resources – Keep up to date


Additional resources available

Following our recent announcement welcoming Northern Ireland to the NACEL audit 2018, we have included additional resources on the NACEL webpage. In addition to the national guidelines from CQC and NICE, you will also find country specific guidance for England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Due to Northern Ireland participating in the Organisational Level audit for Year 1, the resources page provides specific guidance for this area of work. England and Wales will find guidance covering all aspects of the NACEL audit.

The Resources page, along with the Audit Guidance section of the NACEL website, will be updated throughout the audit process, so we encourage you to keep up to speed via these links.

Reducing your workload

Our team are working hard to answer your queries. To ensure you are able to continue collecting data without experiencing issues, please ensure you use a Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browser, as Internet Explorer is not compatible with our website. 

If you have specific audit queries, please email or call Project Coordinator, Joylin Brockett on 0161 266 2214.