NACEL updates - Briefing No. 1

Following the Initial Briefing on NACEL, which was circulated to Trusts and University Health Boards (UHBs) in January 2018, Briefing No. 1 is intended to give a key update on various aspects of NACEL, and gives updates following the NACEL Steering Group meetings.

Read the NACEL Briefing No. 1 here. The document can be found within the NACEL resources webpage.

There is no cost for organisations in England and Wales to participate in NACEL. You can find out more about the scope and timescales of the audit, along with key resources and documents via the NACEL resources webpage.

Updates to the NACEL

Registration will require you to identify how your organisation will be supplying data. Section 2 of Briefing No. 1 provides an explanation of registration and considerations when signing up for the NACEL.

Since the initial briefing, it is important to note that Mental Health inpatient providers will now not be required to undertake the case note review element of NACEL, due to the low numbers of deaths occurring in these facilities. Acute care providers and community hospital providers will be requested to participate.

More information about the case note review, including re-scoping, key dates and timescales, maximum numbers included in this element, and definitions of deaths can be found in Section 4 of Briefing No. 1.

Briefing No. 1 also provides an update to the organisational level audit and recommendations for completing the Carer reported measure.

For further information on NACEL, please contact the NACEL Support Team or by telephone on 0161 266 2313. The NACEL webpages can be found here.