NAIC 2018 - Registration opening soon


We are delighted to announce that funding has been confirmed for the National Audit of Intermediate Care 2018. This means that all Commissioners and Providers of Intermediate care services in England and Wales can participate free of charge.

Registration opening soon

We are pleased to announce that registration for the NAIC 2018 will be opening the week commencing 19th March 2018 for England and Wales.

HQIP has announced that the National Audit of Intermediate Care has been included on the 2018/19 Quality Accounts list. You can find out more about legislation regarding the HQIP quality accounts and the statutory and mandatory requirements for Clinical Audit via this link.

As in previous iterations of the NAIC, the audit will have commissioner and provider organisational level components. The NAIC will also collect data from providers for the following four intermediate care service categories; crisis response, home based intermediate care, bed based intermediate care and re-ablement services. More details will be shared soon.

You can keep up to date with NAIC news via the NHSBN news page, NAIC webpage, and via the HQIP website. We will also share our news and updates on the NAIC 2018 via the @NAICUK Twitter page, @NHSBenchmarking Twitter page, and LinkedIn group.

You can find out more about the National Audit of Intermediate Care by contacting the Project Coordinator, Josh Davies or call 0161 266 1967.