NAIC to run again in 2017

We are pleased to announce that funding has been secured via NHS England for the National Audit of Intermediate Care to take place in 2017. All CCGs and providers of intermediate care services will be able to participate free of charge. 

NHS England have recognised that the audit is an important mechanism to inform future strategy and policy direction in relation to the Five Year Forward View (FYFV). The FYFV is predicated on the evidence that a shift of care, for the growing population of older people with multiple co-morbidities, from secondary care into the community will produce better outcomes for this cohort. Community based services encompass a very wide range of services which support people with long-term conditions, with self-management and also at the end of their life. Intermediate care services are vital in that they support people at transition points in the system and reduce their need for ongoing care after an episode of ill health. There are currently no national data sets for community services and intermediate care. The NAIC fills the information gap and allows progress with these key services to be monitored.

To ensure the NAIC 2017 is as streamlined and useful as possible, we would be very keen to obtain the views of Commissioners and Providers on the scale and scope of the audit. We would be grateful if organisations would undertake a short survey, which will help to inform which metrics are collected. The survey will only take a couple of minutes. Please complete the survey by 30th November 2016.

NAIC 2017 Commissioner scoping survey

NAIC 2017 Provider scoping survey

For further information, please email Jessica Grantham

Thank you for your support

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