NICE Intermediate care including reablement quality standard published

The NHS Benchmarking Network are pleased to support the publication of the new National Institute for Care and Excellence Intermediate care including reablement NICE quality standard.  

This quality standard covers referral and assessment for intermediate care and how to deliver the service. It covers bed-based intermediate care, crisis response, home-based intermediate care and reablement. It describes high-quality care in priority areas for improvement. It does not cover rehabilitation for specific conditions.

It is for commissioners, service providers, health, public health and social care practitioners, and the public.

Quality statements

The quality statements cover all intermediate care service models unless a specific type of service is identified.

  • Statement 1 Adults being assessed for intermediate care have a discussion about the support the service will and will not provide.
  • Statement 2 Adults accepted for bed-based intermediate care start the service within 2 days of referral.
  • Statement 3 Adults starting intermediate care discuss and agree personalised goals.
  • Statement 4 Adults using intermediate care services discuss and agree a transition plan for when their support ends.

Further description is detailed within the quality standard

How will the quality standard impact on NAIC 2018

The National Audit of Intermediate Care 2018 programme will aim to utilise the data submitted by participants (currently 138 commissioners, 140 providers and 656 services) to evidence the statements described above.

Publication of the findings will be made available in draft form to participants during the Autumn for validation, with final outputs due early in the New Year.

Participants will receive:

  • Online toolkit
  • Bespoke reports for each participant organisation

For further details about the Audit please contact, for further details about the quality standard please refer to the NICE website.