Opportunity to share good practice

The NHS Benchmarking Network works with its members to identify opportunities for service improvement through participation in the benchmarking work programme and the sharing of good practice.

This year we have started an ongoing programme of sharing ‘Case Study’ examples, to help members learn from the good practice / innovation from other members and share how they’ve used our services to drive improvements in order to help others do the same. The latest quarterly bulletin is available now.

This is particularly important for both commissioners and providers in looking at how to use evidence from Network benchmarking projects to implement successful change. 

Have you used knowledge from the Network’s benchmarking outputs (online tools, reports, events or knowledge exchange network) to identify service improvement opportunuties, implement service change and development or inform contracting discussions.

The Network would like to use such examples to develop a short case study, which could be shared with other member organisations to help share good practice and innovation across the membership.

David Hughes

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