Outpatients: Collaboration on data collection

The NHS Benchmarking Network (NHSBN) will be collaborating with Getting It Right First Time (GIRFT), NHS Improvement, for the Outpatients data collection 2018. The project aims to provide benchmarked analytics on Outpatient departments, by looking at the detailed workings of Outpatient departments within Acute providers only. The 2018 benchmarking project includes profiling of service models, access and availability, activity, workforce, finance and quality. Specific deep-dive areas include: electronic referrals, paper switch off, overdue follow ups, waiting list initiatives, virtual clinics and service structure.

This year’s project builds on the success of last year, and has been developed in collaboration with 2017 participants, and the Getting It Right First Time (GIRFT) Outpatients team led nationally by Mr John Hadley, ENT Surgeon and GIRFT Outpatients Clinical Lead.

The Outpatients data collection is now open, and Trusts are able to register to participate. If you require access or need to register your organisation, please contact Chris McAuley. All data must be submitted by 16th November 2018.

NHSBN and GIRFT are delivering the project jointly, with data collection being managed by the NHSBN team, in order to maximise the use of existing data collection and to minimise confusion for the different initiatives. Included in the data collection pages, there is a primary question which must be answered, on the data sharing arrangements with the GIRFT team.

Acute trusts are requested to complete the NHSBN data collection, which will then be shared with the GIRFT team. Chief Executives and Medical Directors have received a letter signed by Mr John Hadley, Clinical Lead for the GIRFT Outpatient workstream, and Directors of the Network, Claire Holditch and Stephen Watkins, detailing how your data will be used and protected.

Following the project cycle, participating organisations will have access to a comprehensive online benchmarking toolkit, allowing them to view their positions on hundreds of metrics covering service models, activity, workforce, finance and quality and outcomes across the acute pathway. Participants will also receive a bespoke dashboard report, comparing their peer organisations, and highlighting their position against a range of summary metrics. 


We are looking forward to working alongside GIRFT for this project and are excited to share the findings with you in February 2019 at our Benchmarking & Good Practice conference.

If you have any queries, please contact Chris McAuley.