Participation for NACEL extends to Northern Ireland

We are delighted to announce that Northern Ireland will be participating in the Organisational Level element of the National Audit for Care at the End of Life, joining England and Wales in the data collection period from 4th June – 12th October 2018.

The inclusion of Northern Ireland in this audit is very exciting and will provide a complete picture of the care at the end of life for the three countries, due to the excellent sign up across the board.


The audit has been commissioned for three iterations initially and will provide substantial information for providers and commissioners in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, although data collection is for providers of care only. Following the completion of the first iteration of the audit, Northern Ireland will be able to participate in all three elements of the audit; the organisational level audit, case note audit, and NACEL quality survey.

We look forward to supporting Northern Ireland in NACEL and are anticipating a great findings conference for both England and Wales, and Northern Ireland respectively, in 2019.

If you require access to the members’ area, please contact Emma Pruce, 0161 266 1797.

If you have specific audit queries, please email or call Project Coordinator, Joylin Brockett on 0161 266 2214.