Quarterly good practice bulletin

Welcome to your NHS Benchmarking Network quarterly bulletin.

The NHS Benchmarking Network's good practice bulletin shows you how to use evidence from Network projects to implement successful change, as well as sharing examples of innovation from the membership. Below are synopses from three good practice case studies developed with our members. In addition, the Network is publishing a report on key economic indicators that may impact on nursing recruitment and a report on progress with integration based on Network data. The full case studies and reports are available for member organisations to download from the members’ area under “View outputs”.

Can CGA reduce readmission rates from urgent care settings?

Learn how the development of an emergency frailty unit at The Leicester Royal Infirmary helped increase discharge rates and saw a reduction in readmission rates. UHL participate in the Network's Older People's Care in Acute Settings project, which enables the service to track their performance on key metrics.

Providing a patient centred service when in crisis

Learn how West Midlands Police, West Midlands Ambulance Service and Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust worked together to develop a Mental Health street triage team to improve out of hours support for patients in crisis.

Benchmarking identifies opportunities to work more collaboratively across the region

Learn how the NHS Benchmarking Network and the East Midlands AHSN have worked together to produce a local benchmarking tool looking at the care of older people in acute settings across the East Midlands footprint.

Why is it difficult to recruit nurses?

This report has been developed by the NHS Benchmarking Network and focuses on key economic indicators that may impact on the ability to recruit nursing and other healthcare workers locally, such as high house prices and general trends in employment.

How is integration progressing in the NHS?

The NHS Benchmarking Network has produced a report that uses the core Network projects to address the progress made with integration. The findings suggest some progress is being made with integration at the strategic level but there is more work to do on the ground.

Thank you to the member organisations above who have supplied information. If you would like to share your good practice case studies and particularly how you have used the benchmarking information to support change and improvement, please contact Lindsey Ashley.

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