Registration for NACEL 2019: Year two is now open

Registering for NACEL 2019

Registration is now open for NACEL 2019 via the members’ area. You can find out more about the National Audit for Care at the End of Life by visiting the NACEL webpage.

NACEL 2019 scope

Year two of the audit will include:

  • Organisational level audit: significantly reduced to focus on Specialist Palliative Care workforce and availability.

  • Case Note Review: reduced specification to focus solely on the themes of recognition of death and individual plan of care.

  • Quality Survey: not linked to the case note review to increase uptake.

  • Staff reported measure: to be developed in year two and will focus on gathering staff views on caring for people at the end of their life.

In addition, during the first two years of the NACEL, a feasibility study will be carried out to assess a rollout of the audit to community settings.

NACEL 2019 is free

There is no cost for participating organisations in England, Wales and Northern Ireland to participate in the audit. You can find out more about the scope and timescales of the audit, along with key resources and documents via the NACEL resources webpage.

Who can participate?

The data collection is for providers of care only, focusing on the quality and outcomes of care experienced by those in their last admission prior to death in acute, and community hospitals throughout England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

NACEL is on NHS England’s Quality Accounts list for 2019/20. For further information about the statutory function of this list please refer to HQIP’s Guidance on Quality Accounts.


Data collection will open in June. We encourage you to register now for the NACEL 2019. 


Contact details

If you would like further information, please email or call Project Coordinator, Joylin Brockett on 0161 266 2214.