Registration for NAIC 2018 now open

Registration now open...

We are pleased to announce that registration for the National Audit of Intermediate Care 2018 is now open. Participation is free of charge for all providers and commissioners of intermediate care services in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Organisations in Wales and Northern Ireland will be contacted separately to register for NAIC 2018 with pre-populated data.



If you are a provider or commissioner of Intermediate Care services in England, you can download a copy of the registration form:

Provider Registration Form

Commissioner Registration Form

Please complete all required information and return to to confirm your registration. 

Providers are required to register no later than 20th April 2018 to confirm registration. Services registered after this date may not be able to take part in the Service User Audit element of the NAIC.

If your organisation took part in 2017, the Project Lead will have received a pre-populated version of the registration template. Contact the NAIC Support Team if you require copy of your organisation’s template.

A copy of the NAIC 2018 audit proposal can be found here.

Click here for the NAIC 2018 project timetable

Why should we participate?

Intermediate care services are key to reducing the financial, quality and activity pressures being experienced in secondary care and the care service sector. The audit will enable you to address the following:

  • Compare investment and activity in your intermediate care services with other local areas to support strategic decision making
  • Review your performance on commissioner quality standards, including progress with integration
  • Consider the balance of expenditure between intermediate care service categories in your local area
  • Identify service improvement opportunities such as accessibility, waiting times and productivity
  • Check your providers’ length of stay and intensity of input to service users are in line with other comparable services
  • Understand the level of dependency of the service user cohort in the services you commission
  • Compare the service user outcomes based on a standardised outcome measure, and the patient experience scores, in the services you commission

Outputs include a bespoke report to view your local position and access to an online benchmarking toolkit.

How do I find out more?
Download: NAIC 2017 Summary Report
Call: 0161 266 1967