The Complaints Survey - Latest findings (Oct 2016)

Latest findings received for quarter 2 of 2016/17 have been published to participants.

The latest report published to participants shows the results received by NHS complainants for the period 1st July 2016 –30th September 2016.

The survey findings highlight areas for potential improvement in the NHS complaints process. Such as:

  • Timescales; the results show a lack of information given to complainants about timescales and/ or the timescales when agreed arenot being met.
  • The final response letter; this needs to address the full extent of the complaint and where applicable provide a solution or actions taken as a result of the complaint to prevent a reoccurrence.
  • Lack of information; complainants need to be fully informed about the formal complaints process, what will happen and what othersources of help and advice can be sought, organisations need to ensure staff are fully trained in their complaints process.
  • Sensitivity; It is important that the way an organisation communicates is personal to the complainant, a standard response method may not suit everyone.

Participation in this survey allows an organisation to assess how those who have made a complaint rate the complaints process and identify potential areas for development.

Participating organisations receive;

  • Real-time results online split by month, quarter, calender and fiscal year
  • Benchmarked reports issued quarterly and annually.

For further information about this project and to ask how to get involved, please contact Lindsey Ashley or you can register here.

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