Outpatients 2019: Data collection has launched

The NHS Benchmarking Network is pleased to announce that data collection has now opened for the 2019 benchmarking project on Outpatients services. The project aims to provide benchmarked analytics on Outpatient departments, by looking at the detailed workings of Outpatient departments within Acute providers

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Data collection opens: 2019 Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services

We are pleased to launch data collection for the 2018 Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services project. 

The benchmarking project allows participants to understand the relationship between demand and capacity, a features a full range of metrics including service models, access, activity, workforce, finance and quality measures.

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2019 Regional events review

Throughout May, the Network hosted a series of regional events across England, bringing the Network to seven locations across the country. The Support Team developed a comprehensive programme, focused on how the Network can support your organisation across key themes in healthcare. Read more here.

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Access insight and intelligence to support service development within ED

Data collection for the 2019 Emergency Care benchmarking project is now open. The Emergency Care project is open to all providers of emergency care services, reviewing the provision of Accident and Emergency services (Type 1&2) as well as alternative community based services such as Walk-In Centres, Urgent Care Centres and Minor Injuries Units (Type 3).

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Launched: 2019 Mental Health Inpatient and Community

We are pleased to launch data collection for the 2019 Mental Health Inpatient and Community project.

The Network’s well-established project on Mental Health Inpatient and Community services provides key intelligence and insight to support providers in effectively managing their services and meet the aspirations and challenges of the NHS Long Term Plan.

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Obtain evidence based intelligence on Pharmacy & Medicines Optimisation

The 2016 Pharmacy & Medicines Optimisation benchmarking project is open for data collection

The Pharmacy and Medicines Optimisation project gives a widespread analysis of the structure of pharmacy services, policies and procedures, hours of availability, IM&T, clinical pharmacy, and home care.

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Regional events - Programme launch

We are pleased to launch the programmes for the seven, free regional benchmarking workshops, which will explore themes from the NHS Long Term Plan and how you can use the Network projects to identify service improvement. Sign up now to register your place.

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