Acute Therapies

The landscape of the NHS is changing, and Allied Health Professionals (AHPs) are increasingly being utilised to support service delivery. AHPs are the third largest workforce in the health and care system, and make up 6% of the NHS workforce, with salary costs of over £2 billion per year. Despite these material sums of money being invested in services, there is limited benchmarking information available in this area. Therapy services are not typically unbundled from PbR, and transactional data has therefore historically been limited.

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The Network’s benchmarking project explores the potential of four AHP specialities, and the impact that using the AHP workforce effectively and efficiently can have on the health system. This project supports the AHPS into Action agenda and focuses on the four specialities, Physiotherapy, Occupational therapy, Speech and Language therapy and Dietetics, all in acute settings, where timely assessment and treatment is key to maintaining patient flows and reducing length of stay.

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This project is for all providers of Acute led therapy services. Subscribing members will receive:

  • Access to a benchmarking toolkit, allowing you to benchmark your service across hundreds of metrics
  • A bespoke dashboard report outlining key messages and metrics, which compares your local position against nationally reported positions
  • A high-level report outlining key messages and metrics for acute therapy services nationally
  • Good practice compendium of information supplied by members describing the innovative practice they are undertaking in this area.
  • Attendance at the Acute Therapies event, where the initial findings from the project will be presented, as well as good practice and national speakers

2017/18 benchmarking project

In 2017, 93 separate organisations took part across the four specialties, comprising:

  • Physiotherapy – 82 organisations
  • Occupational therapy – 78 organisations
  • Dietetics – 67 organisations
  • Speech and Language Therapy – 52 organisations

Download a summary of the project.

The Acute Therapies project runs on a biennial cycle, and the project will return in early 2019.

For queries about this project, please contact Chris McAuley.

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