Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services

CAMHS offer assessment and treatment when children and young people have emotional, behavioural or mental health difficulties. This project remains the ultimate point of reference for evidence in children’s and adolescent mental health services across the UK and looks at both community and inpatient provision.

The Network’s benchmarking project for CAMHS covers:

  • Service models - Service provision, provisions for on-call arrangements, and transition services
  • Access - referral sources, acceptance rates, and waiting times
  • Activity - levels of contacts, rates of discharges, and DNA rates
  • Workforce - skill mix, training, absence and sickness rates, and consultant SPAs and DCCs
  • Finance - costs, both pay and non-pay, and CIPs.

This project is for all providers of CAMHS services. Subscribing member organisations who participate in this project will receive:

  • Access to the benchmarking toolkit, allowing you to compare your service nationally on over 5000 metrics
  • A bespoke report outlining key messages and metrics, which compares your local data against nationally reported positions
  • The opportunity to attend the CAMHS conference to hear from national speakers and member good practice sites

2017/18 benchmarking project

The 2017 CAMHS benchmarking project was the largest ever. 82 organisations provided data for the CAMHS benchmarking project, with 111 individual service submissions received. This represented a growth of 9% compared to the previous year.

Download a summary of the project together with the 2017 highlights.

2018/19 benchmarking project

The CAMHS benchmarking project is running in 2018. For queries about this project, please contact Zoe Morris.

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