Delayed Transfers of Care

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Delayed transfers of care (DToCs) have become a significant issue in the NHS as the number of bed days lost to delays has been rising steadily since 2014/15. Whilst the majority of delays are attributable to the NHS, delays attributable to social care began to increase substantially in 2016/17. In the 2017/18 mandate, the Department of Health & Social Care set a target of 3.5% (DToCs as % available bed days) by September 2017 with the aim of freeing up 2,000 to 3,000 acute beds. Following the national focus on reducing DToCs, and £2 billion for social care announced in the Spring 2017 budget, DToCs for both NHS and social care reasons have started to reduce.

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Delayed Transfers of Care can impact A&E waits, elective care cancellations and patient outcomes. The Delayed Transfers of Care (DToC) project, introduced in the 2017/18 work programme, looks in detail at the nature and management of delayed transfers of care. Benchmarks included in the project cover service models, age profiles of activity and management of continuing healthcare assessments. The project also explores the workforce composition of discharge teams, and associated costs within organisations.

Relevant to all providers, the project covers DToCs from acute hospitals, community hospitals and mental health facilities. Subscribing members will receive:

  • Access to a benchmarking toolkit, allowing you to benchmark your service across hundreds of metrics
  • A bespoke dashboard report outlining key messages and metrics, which compares your local position against nationally reported positions
  • A high-level report outlining key messages and metrics for DToCs nationally
  • A Good practice compendium of information supplied by members describing the innovative practice they are undertaking in this area.
  • Attendance at the DToC event, where the initial findings from the project will be presented, as well as good practice and national speakers

2017/18 benchmarking project

67 member organisations covering 97 submissions across England, Wales and Northern Ireland participated in the 2017 pilot.

2018/19 benchmarking project

The Steering Group have agreed to run a project covering the key elements of the Older People’s Care in Acute Settings and DToC projects in the 2018/19 work programme. Please refer to the new project called Managing Frailty and Delayed Transfers of Care in the Acute Setting.

For queries about this project or the new project, please contact Josh Davies.

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