Older People's Care in Acute Settings

The Older People project focuses on the care of older people in acute settings and has been developed in conjunction with the British Geriatric Society. The project considers the pathway of older people through secondary care, beginning in A&E, through to assessment units and inpatient care, and finishing with supported discharge teams. Links with other sectors including primary care, community and mental health are explored, and social care at the front and back end of hospitals are of particular interest.

Also included is a service user level audit, which has been developed in conjunction with the British Geriatrics Society. The aims of adding in a further level of service user benchmarking data is to:

  • Provide an overview of comparative change in dependency levels of this cohort of patients
  • Complement the organisational level data and to use this data to aid understanding of the key features of high performing services
  • Provide data to enable further correlations and analysis to be undertaken e.g. between length of stay and discharge destination
  • Continue to share good practice and facilitate networking between participants

This project is for all providers of acute care where older people access their services.

The BGS has also worked with the NHS Benchmarking Network in developing a PREM (Patient Reported Experience Measure) for use with older people in acute settings. It has been developed to specifically obtain feedback from patients about their experiences of care whilst on your ward.

The PREM has been piloted at 4 hospital sites, on both acute older people’s wards and an AMU, and received favourable feedback about ease of use, relevance and areas covered.

This resource is available for acute providers to use within their services on a local level, to administer and analyse in-house.

Download the PREM

Download the instructions to administer the PREM

2016/17 benchmarking project

The 2016/17 iteration of the Older People project collected 2015/16 data. Outputs reported are available on the members' area.

Download a summary of the project together with the 2016 highlights.

Download the 2016/17 National Report.

2017/18 benchmarking project

The Older People’s Care in Acute Settings project did not run in 2017/18, which allowed for a new project to be developed that took a deep dive of Delayed Transfers of Care (DToC).

2018/19 benchmarking project

A project covering the key elements of the Older People’s Care in Acute Settings and DToC projects will run the 2018/19 work programme. Please refer to the new project called Managing Frailty and Delayed Transfers of Care in the Acute Setting.

For queries about this project or the new project, please contact Josh Davies.

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