Urgent Care

Urgent care is a complex system that continues to be challenged by increasing demand. The NHS Five Year Forward View and Next Steps for the Five Year Forward View detail the need to update the NHS Urgent and Emergency Care system in response to this increased demand and put forward a number of key deliverables. A key theme within these deliverables, which is also detailed in NHS Urgent and Emergency Care review, ‘Transforming urgent and emergency care services in England’, is the provision of out of hospital urgent care.

The NHSBN Urgent Care project provides the national level of capacity, demand and investment of these services, as detailed within this report. In addition to the summary information available in this report, each participating organisation has access to their own bespoke report. The bespoke reports benchmark the organisation’s individual positions across a wide range of metrics against all other project participants and the national average.

This project is for all commissioners. Subscribing members will receive:

  • An interactive online toolkit, allowing you to benchmark your service across hundreds of metrics

  • A bespoke dashboard report outlining key metrics, and highlighting your reported positions

  • A high-level report outlining key messages nationally

  • Free attendance at annual conferences, accessing presentations on project key findings, from national policy leads and members

  • Good practice case studies on how members use the benchmarking to improve service delivery

    2018/19 Benchmarking Project

42 organisations participated in the Network’s Urgent Care 2018 project, providing 45 data submissions. The project is carried out in tandem with the Emergency Care project for providers. The provider project covers both Type 1&2 Emergency Department services as well as Type 3 and walk-in services.

You can read more about the highlights from the 2018 project in our news section or download last year’s highlights.

2019/20 Benchmarking Project

Urgent Care is included in the 2019/20 work programme, collecting 2018/19 data.

For queries about this project, please contact Jessica Walsh.

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