Emergency Care (Type 1 & 2 and Type 3 services)

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Emergency care is a complex service with many facets across the NHS. The emergency care system is under increasing pressure, with the need to optimise the urgent and emergency care system to work as safely, efficiently and effectively as possible. This project evaluates the provision of Accident and Emergency services (Type 1&2) as well as alternative services such as walk-in centres, urgent care centres and minor injuries units (Type 3&4).

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Detailed analyses of key issues include;

  • Senior cover at key times in A&E
  • Optimising patient flow
  • Finance
  • Comparisons of staffing levels
  • Skill-mix

Although the sums of money invested in emergency care are highly material, there is limited national benchmarking information available on the service beyond profiling of access arrangements, waiting times, and demand levels. The Network project aims to supplement available national metrics with relevant data on service models, infrastructure, capacity, demand, workforce, finance and service quality.

This project is for all providers of emergency care and subscribing members will receive:

  • Access to the online benchmarking toolkit, allowing you to compare your service nationally across hundreds of metrics
  • A bespoke dashboard report outlining key messages and metrics, which compares your local position against nationally reported positions
  • A high level national report outlining key messages and metrics for EDs nationally
  • Good practice compendium of information supplied by members describing the innovative practice they are undertaking in this area.

Commissioners may be interested in the partner project, Urgent Care, which explores the commissioning of urgent care.

2017/18 benchmarking project

57 organisations participated in the 2017 iteration of the project (collecting 2016/17 data), covering a total of 108 Type 1&2 centres and Type 3 departments. An Urgent Care project analysing the system from a commissioner perspective, which received contributions from 52 commissioners, is also available.

A national report, bespoke report, good practice compendium and online toolkit are available to Network members.

Download a summary of the project together with the 2017 highlights.

2018/19 benchmarking project

Emergency Care is included in the 2018/19 work programme, collecting 2017/18 data.

For queries about this project, please contact Aidan Rawlinson.

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