Stephen Watkins, Director 

Steve is an economist and qualified accountant with 30 years healthcare experience. Steve has worked across the NHS in acute care, primary care, mental health, strategy and commissioning. As a Director of the NHS Benchmarking Network, Steve leads national projects that compare and analyse mental health, learning disabilities, emergency care, radiology, pharmacy, and supports wider projects that take a view on total health system effectiveness. He also leads on the delivery of a range of bespoke analytics and research projects for national organisations including Department of Health and Social Care, NHS England, NHS Improvement, and Health Education England, whilst also delivering a wide range of more local projects for a large number of NHS organisations. Steve also develops the Network’s international work programme and has presented the Network’s mental health work at the International Initiative for Mental Health Leadership (IIMHL) and Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).


Claire Holditch, Director 

Claire qualified as a chartered accountant and worked in corporate finance for the first part of her career. Since completing an MA in organisational dynamics 15 years ago, she has worked with the NHS applying her experience of strategic planning and project management. Claire is a Director of the NHS Benchmarking Network and leads on the Network’s work on community services, community hospitals, acute therapies, older people, outpatients and operating theatres. She leads on project work for individual trusts/CCG in the areas of intermediate care, community services and integrated discharge. Claire works closely with the British Geriatrics Society and other professional bodies to deliver the National Audit of Intermediate Care and is Project Director for the National Audit of Care at the End of Life.


Debbie Hibbert, Programme Manager (Community sector / NAIC / NACEL)

Debbie is an experienced NHS Manager who has spent most of her working life in operational management roles within the NHS, covering acute, community and mental health services. Debbie has a BA(Hons) in Public Administration and is IHSM qualified. Debbie leads on the Network’s community sector benchmarking projects, manages the Delayed Transfers of Care / Older People’s benchmarking projects, is the Project Manager for the National Audit of Intermediate Care (NAIC), and the National Audit of Care at the End of Life (NACEL). She has been involved with a number of provider organisations, CCGs and Local Authorities working on intermediate care strategies, community services reviews, mental health modernisation projects and integrated hospital discharge team development.


Aidan Rawlinson, Programme Manager (Acute sector)

Aidan is a project manager and information analyst with over 17 years’ experience in designing and running benchmarking projects. Aidan has a master’s degree in Biochemistry and spent 12 years as part of CIPFA’s benchmarking team. Aidan currently manages a number of projects for the Network, including Pharmacy and Medicines Optimisation and Emergency Care, and works with stakeholders and participants to ensure the projects meet the priorities of the membership. Aidan has an interest in systems development and has developed a range of analytical and report generation tools for Network members.


Zoë Morris, Programme Manager (Mental Health sector)

Zoë has over 15 years’ experience of running healthcare improvement projects in the North West of England and further afield in Australia, Sierra Leone, Mexico, Colombia and the USA. Zoë joined the NHS on the Graduate Management Training Scheme and has a master’s degree in healthcare leadership and management. Zoë leads projects in a number of areas, including Mental Health and CAMHS, and undertakes a wide range of bespoke analysis for clients including NHS England, the Department of Health, Health Education England and individual member organisations, as well as handling ministerial requests. Her special areas of interest include restrictive practices and international comparisons, and the development of data visualisations and infographics.


Lindsey Ashley, Communications and Membership Manager 

Lindsey joined the NHS Benchmarking Network support team in January 2008, she has a BA in Event Management, a CIM Diploma in Professional Marketing and has experience of working in acute healthcare and the public sector. Lindsey manages the NHS Benchmarking Network membership, marketing, communications, website and social media platforms. Her role includes developing and implementing the Network’s overarching membership and engagement strategy and raising brand awareness. She provides administrative support to the Network Steering Group. Lindsey also provides communications support for the National Audit of Intermediate Care and National Audit of Care at the End of Life.


Emma Pruce, Events Manager 

With a background in customer service, Emma joined the NHS Benchmarking Network support team in 2017. As the Events Manager for the in-house benchmarking service of the NHS, Emma coordinates the Network’s core event programme, as well as identifying and facilitating opportunities to raise the profile of the Network through exhibitions at other external events. Emma supports the sharing of best practice in our healthcare system and enables networking for service improvement. Emma’s role includes facilitation of the Knowledge Forum, production of the Good Practice Quarterly Bulletin, Monthly Newsletter and developing content for other member communications. Emma is the primary point of contact for Network member enquiries.  


Lucy Trubacik, Project Manager

Lucy is a Mathematics graduate and PRINCE2 qualified Project Manager, facilitating benchmarking projects within the community sector. Lucy has developed expertise in the area of older people’s healthcare services and manages the Network’s Managing Frailty in Acute Settings project, in addition to working on the National Audit of Intermediate Care (NAIC). As part of her role, Lucy is involved in data specification development, liaising with project stakeholders and presenting key findings at national events. Lucy has an interest in the healthcare applications of the positive deviance methodology and undertook a piece of work that applied this methodology to the NAIC data set to identify and statistically test characteristics of high performing services.


Chris McAuley, Assistant Project Manager 

Chris has an MA in Environmental Management and Consulting and is a PRINCE2 practitioner. Chris works on several projects across the acute sector, as well as bespoke benchmarking projects for the Welsh Government, NHS Wales, and Health Education England. Chris manages the Acute Therapies and Outpatients projects, engaging with project stakeholders and participants, as well as ensuring that the projects have relevance to members and contribute to national policy initiatives. Chris focuses on developing quality outputs to maximise the value of the data collected.


Josh Davies, Project Coordinator

Josh, an Economics graduate, works on projects across all sectors and currently supports the Mental Health and Community Hospitals projects, as well as bespoke projects. Josh has a special interest in analysis of narrative comments received from staff, patients and carers as part of the Network’s audit programme and has produced qualitative analysis and reports for the National Audit of Intermediate Care and National Audit for Care at the End of Life.


Joylin Brockett, Project Coordinator

Joylin joined NHS Benchmarking Network having graduated with a BSc in International Business and Economics. She works on The National Audit of Care at the End of Life (NACEL), Commissioning and Community Services projects for the Network. Joylin is leading on the further development of the NACEL Quality Survey this year, working closely with the Patients Association.


Ellie Perchard, Project Coordinator

Ellie joined the team after completing her Philosophy degree and working in Finance and IT recruitment for three years. Ellie is now working on her second cycle of the Emergency Care and Pharmacy and Medicines Optimisation Network projects as well as supporting a range of bespoke benchmarking projects, including peri-natal mental health.  Ellie liaises with Network members to support data collection and validation, develops reports and undertakes data analysis, as well as meeting with stakeholders to develop project specifications.


Alexander Ng, Project Coordinator

Alexander is a Chemistry graduate working as a Project Coordinator within the Network’s Mental Health team. Alex works on the Network’s Children and Adolescence Mental Health Services (CAMHS), Learning Disabilities and Acute Therapies projects. He also supports the audit of Learning Disability standards commissioned from the Network by NHS Improvement.  Alex is responsible for the regular updating of the London Mental Health Dashboard.


Lucy Atherton, Project Coordinator

Lucy graduated with a degree in History before joining the Network Support Team as a Project Coordinator. Lucy is currently involved in supporting members to participate in the Outpatients and Community Service projects. Her role includes; registering new users, supporting members to navigate the online members’ area, encouraging project participation and assisting with project queries. 


James MacDonald, Project Coordinator

James graduated with a BSc in Philosophy and Economics before joining the Network as Project Coordinator. James currently supports the Managing Frailty and Pharmacy projects, as well as working on the National Audit of Intermediate Care (NAIC). James assists Network members during the data collection process and works closely with the Support Team to provide accurate and timely outputs during the data reporting phase of the project.


Ellie Fox, Project Coordinator

Ellie joined the NHS Benchmarking Network as a Project Coordinator, having worked in corporate hospitality for 8 years following the completion of her degree in Business Management. Ellie is part of the Network’s Mental Health Team and provides support on core and bespoke projects. Her responsibilities include coordinating data collection and subsequent validation, reporting of findings, and providing general assistance to members.


Amy Fokinther, Project Coordinator

Amy graduated with a degree in geography then worked as a primary school teacher for 4 years before joining the NHS Benchmarking Network. Amy now works as a Project Coordinator, supporting The National Audit of Care at the End of Life (NACEL) and Emergency Care projects. Her responsibilities include supporting members to navigate the online members’ area, coordinating data collection, interpreting results and reporting of findings.


Jessica Grantham, Technical Project Manager

Jessica graduated with a degree in Economics and is PRINCE2 qualified. She worked as a Project Manager in the Network team before transferring her skills to the technical team. Jessica’s role involves working across the project and technical teams to develop technical solutions to deliver the Network’s work programme, provide quality assurance, and utilise the data collected to maximum effect. The technical team use the AGILE Project Management process to ensure the successful delivery of their work and within this process, Jessica holds the position of scrum master. Jessica is also part of the Network’s clinical audit team, covering the National Audit of Intermediate Care and the National Audit for Care at the End of Life.


David Hughes, Front End Developer 

David is a front-end software developer with over 10 years’ commercial experience. He is part of the Network’s IT team and leads on the development of the members’ area of the website, focusing on client-side technologies, user experience and design.


Lucas Wisniewski, Senior Software Developer 

Lucas is a computer science graduate with previous experience working as a software engineer for a Silicon IP and Software company. He has previously worked on cross-platform automated software testing and quality assurance. Lucas develops and maintains the online data collection and reporting tools for the Network projects. His focus is on the database design and application interface.


Daniel Glass, Software Developer 

Daniel is a Software Developer who has been working in IT since 2011, he is currently working towards a degree in Digital and Technology Solutions at Manchester Metropolitan University on an apprenticeship scheme. Daniel’s previous experience was as an IT service desk analyst, providing support and maintenance for hardware and software for a large retail business. In his current role, Daniel focuses on client side technology and manages the IT infrastructure for the team.


Stephen Day, Senior Information Analyst 

Stephen is an information analyst with more than ten years of experience of working with health care data and analytics. After completing a degree in Psychology, Stephen has worked in both NHS community and hospital settings before joining the team in 2012. Innovative data visualisation and interpretation are key elements of the outputs produced for each of the projects that Stephen has worked on since joining the team. These have featured in many forums and play a key role in engaging members with projects. Stephen has a flair for system design and development and has developed innovative benchmarking products for clients and Network members within mental health, CAMHS, acute therapies, and radiology. Stephen leads on the development of new tools and products including a Microsoft Office based system to generate bespoke reports and presentations, and bespoke toolkits for projects.


Dave Barker, Business Intelligence Analyst 

After completing his Economics & Politics degree, Dave gained experience in the healthcare sector in account coordination and research roles both within the UK and Bangladesh before joining the NHS Benchmarking Network. Dave works as part of the Network’s analytics team developing reporting tools, data visualisation and insights from data collected across the Network’s core projects and bespoke work, as well as profiling externally available data sources. Dave is involved in the production of the Network’s Integrated Care System benchmarking tool and has recently conducted in-depth analysis on specialist mental health services, forensic mental health services, and emergency care workforce capacity.


Tom Leonard, Analyst & Developer

Tom is a Chemistry graduate who has worked at the NHS Benchmarking Network during his breaks in study since 2014. During this time with the Network, Tom has undertaken a variety of posts within the Support Team, and is now part of the IT team. After graduating, Tom has taken a full-time role as Analyst & Developer in which he is involved in the development of externally circulated toolkits and in-house tools designed to support the Project Teams.