Year one update

NACEL bespoke dashboards were provided to all year one participants in February 2019, together with an online toolkit.

The year one audit report for England and Wales has been submitted to HQIP and the funders for approval. A parallel report for Northern Ireland is due for publication shortly.

Year two is underway

Registration for year two of the audit opened in February following consultation with participants, the NACEL Steering Group, Advisory Group, HQIP and funders on ways to improve and streamline future years of the audit.

Following feedback from participants in year one, data collection for the second round of NACEL has been reduced to ensure the audit provides the most value to participants.

Download the Year two scope and timetable.

Community Feasibility Study

The NHS Benchmarking Network is required to undertake a feasibility study on the rollout of NACEL to community settings, to include people dying in their own home / care home. The report is to be submitted to HQIP in October 2019, with a view to a full rollout occurring in year 4 of NACEL. Debbie Hibbert is leading on this work. If you / your organisation would like to get involved, please email Debbie before the end of July 2019.

Staff Reported Measure

As part of the second round of NACEL, the NACEL Steering Group is developing a Staff Reported Measure to be piloted this year. Complementing the NACEL Quality Survey (survey of bereaved carers), it is recognised staff are also well placed to observe and judge the quality of care received by dying patients and their families. The Staff Reported Measure will garner staff views and experiences on delivering end of life care in hospital.  Staff experience is vital to understand and include in the triangulation of data which is collected by NACEL. The Network is particularly looking for sites who may wish to assist in the development of the measure by piloting prior to further rollout in the third year of NACEL. For further information, and to get involved as a pilot site, please contact Jessica Walsh as soon as possible.


The NHS Benchmarking Network has been commissioned by HQIP to provide the National Audit of Care at the End of Life (NACEL). Three cycles of the audit have been commissioned to be undertaken over three consecutive years, 2019/20 will be the second round of data collection. The aim of the audit is to improve the quality of care of people at the end of their life. The NACEL covers NHS funded care in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

NACEL is on NHS England’s Quality Accounts list for 2019/20. For further information about the statutory function of this list please refer to HQIP’s Guidance on Quality Accounts.

The audit objectives for the second round of the NACEL are as follows:

  • To refine the tools for assessing compliance with national guidance on care at the end of life – One Chance To Get It Right, NICE guidelines and the NICE Quality Standards for end of life care.

  • To measure the experience of care at the end of life for dying people and those important to them.

  • To provide audit outputs which enable stakeholders to identify areas for service improvement.

  • To provide a strategic overview of progress with the provision of high-quality care at the end of life in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

In addition to the audit, during the first two years of the NACEL, a feasibility study is being carried out to assess a rollout of the audit to community settings.


NACEL Latest News

Data collection for NACEL Year 2 is now open. Registered participants have been contacted and are able to login and submit data via the members’ area.

Data collection closes on 11th October 2019.

Community Feasibility Study

Expressions of interest have been requested to be involved. Please email Debbie before the end of July 2019.

Staff Reported Measure

Pilot to be delivered this year, if you are interested in helping with the development, please contact Jessica asap.

For info & support, email or call 0161 266 2214.


For info & support, email or call 0161 266 2214.