Community Services

Community services represent over £10 billion of NHS expenditure and play a key role in supporting service users at home and reducing unnecessary hospital admissions. Given that the NHS Long Term Plan indicated that investment in primary medical and community services will grow faster than the overall NHS budget, and allocates a ringfenced fund of £4.5 billion for this health care sector, it is more important than ever that community services have some visibility on the scope and breadth of their offer.

National data on community services is currently limited and the Network’s Community Services project aims to fill this information gap, taking a view across all aspects of service provision including access, activity, workforce, finance and quality metrics. The project provides a detailed view of 26 different community services.

  • Cardiac Community Team

  • Children's Community Nursing

  • Community / District Nursing

  • Community Dental

  • Community Integrated Care Teams

  • Community Matrons

  • Community Paediatrics

  • Continence Community Team

  • Diabetes Community Team (Adult)

  • Dietetics (Adult)

  • Dietetics (Child)

  • End of Life Community Team

  • Health Visiting

The service definitions for the 26 services included in the project can be found here.

  • Integrated Sexual Health Services

  • MSK service

  • Occupational Therapy (Adult)

  • Occupational Therapy (Children)

  • Physiotherapy (Adult)

  • Physiotherapy (Child)

  • Podiatry

  • Respiratory Community Team

  • School Nursing

  • Speech & Language Therapy (Adult)

  • Speech & Language Therapy (Child)

  • Wheelchair (Adult)

  • Wheelchair (Child)

This project is for all providers of community services. Subscribing members will receive:

  • An interactive online toolkit, allowing you to benchmark your service across hundreds of metrics

  • A bespoke dashboard report outlining key metrics, and highlighting your reported positions

  • A high-level report outlining key messages nationally

  • A good practice compendium of information supplied by member participants

  • Free attendance at annual conferences, accessing presentations on project key findings, from national policy leads and members

  • Good practice case studies on how members use the benchmarking to improve service delivery

2018/19 Benchmarking Project

71 community service providers participated in the project this year and registered 134 submissions. Participation included England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland.

You can read more about the highlights from the 2018 project in our news section or download our project card.

2019/20 Benchmarking Project

The Community Services project is running in the Network’s 2019/20 work programme, collecting 2018/19 data.

In order to raise the profile of community services, the community sector benchmarking projects this year will include additional information in the data specifications to enable the Network to capture key information at a population-based level for a new whole system STP/ICS benchmarking product. Several metrics will also be requested at CCG level.

As very little national data is available in this area, we would encourage you to participate in this project.

Click here for more information on how the Community Services project will support NHS organisations in meeting the national and local priorities outlined in the NHS Long Term Plan.

For queries about Community Services, please contact Joylin Brockett (0161 266 2214) or Lucy Atherton (0161 266 1332).

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